Case Studies

The benefits of administration management at lexicon.

Are you interested in discovering how our administration management software can benefit your care home and members? With software ranging from occupancy management to staff payroll, we have something to suit every need. Keep reading to discover more about how our technology has benefited the care staff at Lexicon.

The team at Lexicon began using our technology in May of 2021, having considered several other systems before settling on memberplanner. As a large home, with 65 residents, staff recognised that they needed to move away from the financial burden of their previous system.

‘Memberplanner is simple and easy to use. It works everything out for you. I haven’t looked back since I started using it.’

A staff from Lexicon commented on the straightforward implementation of our software, noting that they found it easy to use and highly accessible, with support on hand if necessary: “Memberplanner has very good ongoing customer support, they always call back and offer the best solutions in a friendly and professional manner”.

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